7 Ways to Enrich Your Life with Artificial Intelligence

7 manieren om je leven te verrijken met Artificiële Intelligentie

“AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity” – Stephen Hawking

Today, anyone can utilize Artificial Intelligence. For instance, on ChatGPT, you can register for a free account and ask questions as though you were conversing with an actual person. And what's more surprising is that this individual may possess any type of expertise you prefer. You can request responses from them as a doctor, a philosopher, a psychologist, or even your favorite writer. Additionally, you can request immediate assistance. Here are 7 ways in which you can enhance your life with Artificial Intelligence.

Make better decisions

You want to buy a new smartphone but you don't know which one is best. Tell ChatGPT what you want to do with your smartphone and exactly what your preferences are and then ask what to look for to find the best buy. You can also ask them to list the pros and cons adapted to your specific needs and present that in a nice table.

You can also ask more personal questions, like seeking career advice based on your interests and skills or seeking tips for resolving conflicts with colleagues. Or, perhaps you're seeking a list of the pros and cons of moving to Spain after retirement.

Improve your communication

Suppose you got into an argument with your best friend and you want to write an email to apologize but you are not sure how your email will come across. Briefly write the context (e.g. I offended my friend and now he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore) and give a draft of your email and ask for feedback on it. You can also commission a complete rewrite of the email. And if you don't know how to start it at all, just write down what you want to say and ChatGPT will translate it into a nice email in your writing style (then you have to provide a text in your writing style beforehand).

Become more efficient

You are having visitors and you would like to surprise your guests with a culinary delight. But one of the guests is vegetarian, another eats salt-free and you're reluctant to make several dishes. Ideally, you want one menu for everyone, and if it includes beans (your favorite vegetable), that's just great. Ask chatGPT to put together a menu within these constraints. In addition, ask it to make your shopping list, preferably arranged by product type so you can shop more efficiently.

Stay healthy

You can request ChatGPT to create a personalized diet or fitness program that caters to your specific needs. Alternatively, you may seek advice on relaxation techniques or stress management tips. Are there any recommended meditation apps? Moreover, if you have specific health concerns, you can ask ChatGPT to provide insights as a physician and suggest a list of potential causes or diagnoses. You can also ask for recommendations on which medical specialist to consult for further examination.

Enhance your hobbies

Enhance your hobbies and interests by asking ChatGPT for book or movie recommendations tailored to your taste. Let ChatGPT assist you in developing your website, and you can even request that it write the programs for you. Are you in search of a sports club to join? ChatGPT can provide guidance on that too.

Boost your carreer

Are you ready to venture into the market with your business? Wondering what your target audience might think of a product you're planning to launch? Simply describe your target audience and ask ChatGPT to answer as if they were a member of that audience. And if you need additional assistance, ChatGPT can also help you with your business plan.

Would you like assistance in improving your budget management? Feel free to seek advice from ChatGPT. If you require motivation to pursue entrepreneurship, he/she/it can provide personalized tips and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Increase your creativity

Are you seeking inspiration for a fresh composition in music, literature, or art? Perhaps you've already created something and are looking for ways to enhance it further. Alternatively, are you experiencing writer's block and require guidance to resume your writing project? ChatGPT can provide assistance in generating new concepts and overcoming creative blocks. You may also consider experimenting with dall-e, a platform where you can create artwork in the style of your preferred artist using only a description, such as "a still life featuring a smartphone in the Rubens style." dall-e. Daar kan je kunstwerken maken in de stijl van je favoriete artiest enkel op basis van een omschrijving, bijvoorbeeld ‘een stilleven met een smartphone in de stijl van Rubens’.


Toch nog wat kanttekeningen bij al dat hoera-geroep. ChatGPT baseert zich op een heleboel bronnen (momenteel gaan die tot september 2021) maar kan niet weten of wat er in die data staat ook waar is. Maar als je dat voor ogen houdt, is het echt een heel grote hulp. En verder moet je bedenken dat je nog steeds tegen een computer spreekt. Hoewel je in normale spreektaal vragen kan stellen, moet je wel een beetje handigheid ontwikkelen om de juiste vragen te stellen. Wat eruit komt hangt immers af van de kwaliteit van je vragen. Maar geen nood, voor mij lukte het vrij snel, dus je hoeft geen computergeek te zijn om ermee overweg te kunnen. En nog tussen haakjes: ChatGPT kent alle talen, zelfs Klingons 🙂

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